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This company began its activities in 1975 under the title of “JAMICO”, as a Geotechnical and Foundation Engineering Organization. Then it renamed as “IRAN KHAK Consulting Engineers” in 1981 under the register No. 43827 on Tehran.


Major activities of this company is Geotechnical Investigations (Onshore and Offshore Drillings, Field and Laboratory Engineering Testings and High Quality Engineering Services), holding the competency license of 1,2 & 3 in Geotechnics from Management & Planning Organization of Iran (M.P.O.). Also it has the competency licenses in Architecture and Building Resistance.


IRAN KHAK Consulting Engineers” is the first Iranian company which has carried out offshore drillings in the seabed since 1977.


This company with more than 150 specialized staff undertakes soil investigations of the projects such as oil & gas, dams, bridges, pipelines, power plants, refineries and harbors. Also it carries out quality control of materials (soil, concrete & asphalt) based on universal standards (A.S.T.M. & B.S.) by establishing more than 40 local laboratories in different parts of the country.



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